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Study on anesthetic effects of Ketamine and Acepromazine in Tor grypus
M Alishahi , A. A Heidari, A Gholamhosseini, H Najafzadeh
Abstract:   (228 Views)
Administration of human anesthesia drugs in fish is mainly because of their high efficacy and availability as well as low price. In this study anesthetic effects of Ketamine and Acepromazine (0, 15 and 30 mg L-1) was evaluated in Shirbot (Tor grypus). Acepromazine concentrations prepared in 10 L containers in triplicates, then serial descending concentration of ketamine (for effective dose 20-400 mg L-1 and for lethal dose 320-900 mg L-1) were added to tank. Twelve fish were added to each container. Results analyzed with probit software and EC10, EC50 and EC90 as well as LC10, LC50 and LC90 of drugs in five minutes were measured. Results showed that no significant difference was seen in anesthesia efficacy, time of anesthesia induction and recovery time among groups (P>0.05), but lethal effects of Ketamine decreased significantly in Ketamin along with 15 mg L-1 Acepromazine (P<0.05). Then it can be concluded that Acepromazine increased the safety of Ketamine in Tor grypus at low doses
Keywords: Ketamine, Acepromazine, Tor grypus, Anesthesia
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Type of Study: Research | Subject: Treatment stategies with herbal or others
Received: 2018/11/15 | Accepted: 2019/11/10
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